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Tea Towel - NI Sayings

Tea Towel - NI Sayings

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Mix & Match any 2 Holme Tea Towels, Mugs or Placemats for £20

A fun tea towel featuring various local phrases widely used in Northern Ireland.

The wording is printed onto high quality 100% cotton using the latest in digital print technology and is steamed to heat seal the image ensuring colour fastness, brightness and longevity.

Included Northern Ireland Phrases:

What’s the craic? - What have you been doing lately?
So it is - That’s the truth
Bout Ye? - How are you?
Away on - You’re talking nonsense
Eejit - Idiot
Norn Iron - Northern Ireland
Aye right - I don’t believe you
Deadly - That’s brilliant
Here’s me - I said
Ats us nai - That’s everything finished
Ye boy ye - Expression of admiration for a male
Dead on - All is good
Wind yer neck in - Calm down
Wee - Small
Wise the bap - Don’t be so silly
Thick as champ - Not very smart
Big lawd - Large man
Wee love - Girl/Woman
Ye girl ye - Expression of admiration for a female
Happy days - Excellent
We’re suckin’ diesel - Everything is going right

Designed in Northern Ireland.
Printed in the UK
Made from 100% Cotton
Size approx 46cm x 71cm

Wash up to 40˚
Iron on a Medium Heat

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